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The Specimen Jar

It seems that Joe is 70 and having prostate problems After his exam, the doctor gave Joe a specimen jar to take home and try to produce semen specimen. Stop by tomorrow so I can run a few tests.

Joe took the jar home. The next day Joe came in, the doctor asked him how he made out. Not good doctor! I went home and tried to do what you said. I tried with my right hand until it was cramped with arthritis. No luck. I tried with my left hand until I had blisters and still no luck. I asked my wife to help me. She tried with her left hand and then her right hand. No luck! She even tried with her mouth. She tried with her teeth in and with her teeth out and still no luck. Then we called Edna next door to see if she could help....Good grief you asked your next door neighbor to help you? Yep, said Joe.......Couldn't none of us get the lid off that jar!!!
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