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Two women are seated together on a plane. One black, one white. They're in the air about an hour when they overhear one of the stewardesses say to another, "The pilot has informed me that we are going to crash. He says we are going down fast". In a panic the white woman jumps up and get's her carry-on from above her, opens it and starts putting all of the jewelry on that she had packed inside. The black woman asks..... Why are you putting all that jewelry on? The white woman replies.......If I survive, I want all my precious jewels to be with me. The black woman immediately jumps up and starts taking off all her clothes until she is totally naked. The white woman gasps and asks, why have you taken all your clothes off? The black woman sits down, calmly fastens her seatbelt and replies........If this plane is going to crash, the first thing they'll be looking for is the "black box".
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